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Stephen's Testicular Cancer Story...
Written by Stephen

Hi there...My name is Stephen Mattinson - I live in Steyning, West Sussex, in the south of England. I am 48 years old.

My testicular cancer story is interesting in that I have an identical twin brother - Robert - and we have both had it, though mine was a seminoma, diagnosed about 8 months ago, and he had a teratoma about 6 years ago. Having supported him during his illness and treatment I knew exactly what was wrong when I noticed a change in my testicle - a hardening and enlargement. His treatment involved surgery followed by chemotherapy and I had surgery and radiotherapy. I am glad to say that we are both well and enjoy life to the full. He has been dischargeb but I am of course still having quarterly checks.

I think the most important aspect is early diagnosis and a positive attitude. Although being diagnosed with cancer is a shock, neither of us felt particularly ill and never let it dominate our lives - we did not want to be 'sufferers' or 'victims'. Although the treatment can make you feel a bit rough, for the most part one can get on with life as normal. It pays to be clued up so that you can have informed and intelligent discussions with your doctors about your treatment. And never feel that it is something shameful - lots of other men seem to really appreciate being able to discuss this intimate issue with another man who has had a problem. If there are other British guys reading this, you will appreciate that our (free) National Health Service is often criticised, but all I can say is that my brother and I have both had excellent treatment - I don't think money could have bought any better.

In short, if any guy is worried about a problem with his balls, just go to the doctor and get it checked out as soon as possible. There is no need to be embarrassed, the chances are it will not be cancer, but even if it is it need not be a big deal.

Best wishes!
- Stephen





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